Family Law

Clients involved in family law disputes are often exposed to significant emotional upheaval. With that in mind, we provide clients with the best professional advice and, where possible, promote the early resolution of all issues. We will ensure you understand your rights and obligations for the division of property and in relation to time spent with children.

We guide clients towards conciliated resolutions where appropriate because, in the majority of cases, it allows clients to avoid the unpleasant experience and significant cost of protracted court proceedings.

Despite the recognised benefits of conciliated dispute resolution we also understand that there are family law cases that involve urgency, whether because assets are being eroded or because a parent is being denied time with  children. We have experience in dealing with such circumstances with efficiency and attention to detail. 

Our services and experience include:

  • divorce;
  • binding financial agreements (colloquially  known as pre-nuptial agreements);
  • matrimonial/de facto property division;
  • complex property matters involving international assets held in labyrinthine trust structures; 
  • arrangements regarding care of children; and
  • superannuation issues